Dining Room Manager

Reports to: The General Manager

The Dining Room Manager is responsible for management of dining room service in the manner most pleasing to members and their guests. This individual assures a high standard of appearance, hospitality and service in personnel and cleanliness of dining room. The Dining Room Manager supervises and train dining room staff; manages within budgetary restraints; develops/implements programs to increase sales (repeat business and higher check averages). 

Job Requirements 
1. Schedule personnel and plans room set-up based upon anticipated guest counts and client needs 
2. Take reservations and checks table reservation schedules 
3. Greets and seats members and guest 
4. Carefully supervises to help assure proper service; pours coffee and takes orders when necessary 
5. Inspects dining room employees to ensure that they are in proper and clean uniforms at all times 
6. Hires, trains and supervises dining room staff' 
7. Provides appropriate reports concerning employee hours, schedules, pay rates, job changes, tips, etc. 
8. Receives and handles complaints concerning food, beverage or service 
9. Serves as liaison between the dining room and kitchen staffs 
10. Assures that all side work is accomplished and all cleaning of equipment and storage areas is completed according to schedule 
11. Directs pre-meal meetings with dining room personnel. Relays information and policy changes and briefs personnel 
12. Assures the correct appearance, cleanliness and proper set-up of the dining rooms. Checks the maintenance of all equipment in the dining room and reports deficiencies 
13. Makes suggestions about improvements in dining room procedures and layout 
14. Produces daily/meal period sales analyses and other reports from Jonas. 
15. Assures that the dining room and other club areas are secure at the end of the business day 
16. Keeps an inventory of dining room items including silverware, coffee pots, water pictures, salt & pepper holders and sugar bowls 
17. Develops and maintains the guest dining room reservation system 
18. Develops and implements an on-going marketing program to increase dining room business 
19. Develops and supervises sales income control system 
20. Monitors dining room labor and supplies budget; makes adjustments as necessary to achieve financial goals 
21. Responsible for food and beverage service at the pool during summer hours 
22. Assures the pool area maintains cleanliness standards and realize it is an “extension” of the dining room

Salary to commensurate with experience.

401-K Plan 
Paid Holidays
Paid Vacation
Sick Pay
Health Insurance

To apply: please send resume and cover letter to the following:  Chris Mitchell at [email protected]